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claire rousay

Sigh In My Ear



The 18th installment of Saddle Creek’s Document series comes from experimental artist claire rousay. The two tracks, Sigh In My Ear and Your First Armadillo are the latest release from this Los Angeles based artist, adding to her extensive discography.

claire rousay’s music zeroes in on personal emotions and the minutiae of everyday life—voicemails, haptics, environmental recordings, stopwatches, whispers and conversations—layering them with electronics in patient, poetic arrangements and exploding their significance.

Rousay’s collection of field recordings are layered with broad strings, midi instruments, piano and vocals to create abstracted environments. Melancholic autotune and harmonized vocals melt into the first track, Sigh In My Ear. While Your First Armadillo enters like the sun rising over a hill on a summer day.

Listening to claire rousay’s collages of everyday life archives pertinent everyday experiences that weave our human experience together.

Release Date: August 11th, 2023

1. Sigh In My Ear
2. Your First Armadillo

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