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Q: What is Saddle Creek and what is Saddle Creek NOT?

A: We are a record label located in Omaha, NE. We release music by bands we like and that we believe in. We are essentially involved in the promotion and marketing of the records we release. We are not a recording studio nor do we have a recording studio. Our friend Mike Mogis has a recording studio called ARC, but that's a different story.

Q: What is the best way to contact Saddle Creek?

A: Visit our contact page and send us an email. If you're old school, you can send a letter to Saddle Creek / PO Box 8554 / Omaha NE 68108.

Q: I work at a record store, how can I get your releases in stock?

A: Saddle Creek is distributed by Redeye. Give them a call at 877-733-3931. If you don't have an account with Redeye, you can set one up here, or contact us directly via our contact page

Q: Why is vinyl so pricey?

A: It's a combination of factors that cause LP releases to be expensive. Vinyl has high origination costs (i.e. usually a separate master, lacquers, metal plating, test pressings), more substantial packaging, and weighs more than a CD (thus, costs more to ship). And while vinyl sales have been on the upswing, they're still a low percentage of overall sales so the origination costs are defrayed over fewer records. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. And let us know if you have opinions on some of the things that can contribute to higher costs (180 gram vs. standard weight, nice packaging vs. bare bones, mp3 download card vs. CD in the LP jacket, etc.).

Q: Do you give tours of your office?

A: Unfortunately, no. Trust us, it's not that interesting. Imagine a room with a bunch of people sitting in front of computers. That's really about it.

We are also located in the same building as Slowdown. Slowdown frequently has some great shows and some great drink specials, if you're visiting Omaha, be sure to check them out.

Q: I'm looking for some Slowdown Virginia releases, surely you have some hidden away in the depths of your offices I can buy?

A: Sorry, we really don't have any copies, seriously. Anything we have available to purchase is on our online store. We really don't have anything else.

Q: I have a college radio show and I really want to play so and so on my show. Who do I need to contact?

A: Send a message to the radio department on our contact page. Our radio guy will be in touch.

Q: Do Mike Mogis or Conor Oberst work for Saddle Creek?

A: No, but we do have some other pretty sweet people. Check out the about page.

Q: I am doing a short film and would like to use a song by one of your bands. Who should I contact?

A: Send licensing a message on our contact page.

Q: I really love your music and want to help you spread the word in my city. Do you have a street team or anything similar?

A: Visit our contact page. Our street team leader will be in touch!

Q: Are you hiring?

A: No, we are not currently hiring. We rarely do.

Q: I play in a super awesome band. Do you accept demos?

A: Yes, we do. Before you send a demo though, ask yourself, "Is Saddle Creek the label for me? Does my band sound like something Saddle Creek would be interested in or am I just sending a demo because they release music." We don't listen to demos everyday, but check them out periodically. Please do not follow up on what we think of what you sent. If we're interested, we'll get back to you. Please note though, we have never signed a band based on a demo. The best way to get us to notice is to get out and play shows, get press, get fans, etc.

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