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Mal Blum

Nobody Waits b/w San Cristóbal




  • Vinyl pressed at GZ
  • Includes download card
  • Includes limited edition 4 panel zine

Once dubbed "punk’s greatest hidden treasure" by Stereogum, Mal Blum writes cleverly crafted songs that are as self-effacing as they are viscerally relatable. Following on from 2019’s Pity Boy LP, a brand new 7", to be released via Saddle Creek’s Document Series, is the last thing they recorded with their band before hunkering down to wait out the pandemic.

Recorded in drummer Ricardo Lagomasino's basement in Maine, months before coronavirus was a word in our collective periphery, these two new songs are embellished by the band’s time there. In between takes, Barrett padded the hardwood in his slippers. Audrey fixed herself lunch in the kitchen. Ricardo's wife, Meg, was pregnant at the time but she said she didnt mind the noise that drifted up to the living room. The house felt brimming with possibility. "Since then, my associations of home have changed," Mal says. "In recent months, in quarantine, I only write and record songs by myself. Listening back, this seven-inch feels like a relic. An old photograph of a weekend spent idly with my bandmates years ago, though it was only a few months. Spending the weekend together felt like a reprieve. Home is a respite. It doesnt have to be yours."

Lead track "Nobody Waits" is a song about patience, rejection, loneliness, love, depression, and acceptance. The possibility that we may never meet somebody who is willing to embrace every part of us. The song posits that being loved is an impossible, Sisyphean task, akin to leaving something burning in the oven in a house where there is no entryway.

"San Cristóbal" is a song that was written almost a decade ago. Its about escapism, traveling, and going long distances to try to leave yourself behind, only to find another impossible task. This new version was re-recorded with a band arrangement. "My voice had just begun changing from testosterone," Mal says of the new version. "I had to relearn how to sing it. By the time this comes out, more will have changed, be changing, still."

Release Date: November 20th, 2020

Document 014

1. Nobody Waits
2. San Cristóbal

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