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Two Gallants

what the toll tells




  • Pressed at RTI
  • 2 bonus tracks on Side 4
  • Includes download card 

In a style that allows for little flourish and where every element has stark purpose, two voices, guitars, drums, and a harmonica make up the sound of Two Gallants. Overdubs and guest musicians are kept to an effective minimum. With that lean arrangement, the band reveals a thousand tales, a dizzying timelessness, and a potent range of emotions. Two Gallants rambled thousands of miles, across counties and continents, to make What the Toll Tells. Their sophomore album swells with the kind of world-weary storytelling and musical dexterity that arises from travel, loss, and triumph coupled with an unusual affection for literature and legend. But it all starts and ends with their home, the city streets of San Francisco.

Release Date: February 21st, 2006

01. Las Cruces Jail
02. Steady Rollin'
03. Some Slender Rest
04. Long Summer Day
05. The Prodigal Son
06. Threnody
07. 16th St. Dozens
08. Age of Assassins
09. Waves of Grain
10. Big Lucille *
11. Negrophelia Blues *

 * vinyl only

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