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Miles B. A. Robinson

Summer of Fear




  • Vinyl pressed at RTI
  • Tip-on gatefold jacket 
  • Includes download card

"The summer of 2007 was like that episode of Seinfeld, where everyone decides to do the opposite of what they're supposed to do," explains Robinson. "So instead of going home to your girlfriend or whatever at night, you'd just stay at the bar and let someone inappropriate take you home. It was a bad joke at first, like a terrible 90's movie unfolding before our eyes."

Summer of Fear is the culmination of years spent in eight-track studios, cypher-fueled jam sessions, and dicey club dates that often ended in fist fights and broken glass. Not to mention a revolving door of collaborators that helped Robinson work out the kinks in his skewed pop hooks and melancholic melodies, including the Grizzly Bear members (drummer Christopher Bear, multi-instrumentalist/producer Chris Taylor) who worked on Robinson's self-titled solo disc several winters ago-the winter before the fear set in.

As acclaimed as Robinson's debut was when it finally received a proper pressing in 2008, the effort was meant to be a glorified demo. Summer of Fear is what happened six months later, as life alternated between darkness and light, and spare bedroom songs blossomed into speaker-popping arrangements of sweeping strings, honking horns, and chords that cut so deeply they're bound to leave a mark. TV on the Radio's Kyp Malone, a close friend since the pair met en route to a Grizzly Bear show in 2005, helped bottle Robinson's bruised hymns last winter, ramping up the tension in such standout tracks as "Death by Dust," "Summer of Fear pt. 2," "The Sound," and the 11-and-a-half haunting minutes of "More Than a Mess".

Release Date: October 20th, 2009

01. Shake a Shot
02. Always an Anchor
03. The Sound
04. Hard Row
05. Trap Door
06. The 100th of March
07. Summer of Fear pt 1
08. Gold and Grey
09. Death by Dust
10. Summer of Fear pt 2
11. Losing 4 Winners
12. More than a Mess
13. Boat

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