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Now It's Overhead

Now It's Overhead



Saddle Creek has spent the last few years establishing ourselves by releasing an eclectic range of artists from Omaha, NE. During that time we have met numerous musicians and friends from around the world. Among those are a like-minded and talented pool of musicians residing in Athens, GA. For our first full-length release from a non-Nebraska based band, we are proud to present Now It's Overhead, consisting of our friends Andy LeMaster (vocals, instruments, recording), Orenda Fink (bass, keyboards, trumpet, vocals), Maria Taylor (keyboards, vocals), and Clay Leverett (drums, vocals).

Now It's Overhead's self-titled debut book-ends the life-span of a relationship from hopeful beginnings to a hopeless ending and all points in between. The album's dark melodic pop sensibilities are not unlike those found in earlier works of bands like The Cure, Depeche Mode, and REM, yet are combined with lush sonic layers shared by bands like My Bloody Valentine and Spiritualized. Generally refreshing with a few eerily haunting tracks, this is a beautiful sounding and carefully sculpted composition.

Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink, also of Azure Ray, lend the lush airiness of their voices and harmonies to several songs, although it is Andy that handles the main vocal duties. Acoustic and electronic drum loops provide the circulatory system for these multi-layered tracks. With beats that compliment each song effortlessly, it's not surprising to learn that Andy and drummer Clay Leverett have played music together since their early days in middle school.

This record is a sophisticated collection of airy pop songs full of atmospheric keyboard sounds, layered breathy background harmonies, coronary beats, and soulful lead vocals. Select moments of sparseness punctuate dense layers of lushness. The band's use of space forges a soundscape to be drawn into and hypnotized by.

Release Date: October 2nd, 2001

01. Blackout Curtain 
02. Who's Jon 
03. Hi 
04. Hold Your Spin 
05. 6th Grade Roller 
06. Wonderful Scar 
07. With a Subtle Look 
08. Goodbye Highway 
09. A Skeleton on Display

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