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Son Ambulance




2004's Key follows an impressive debut (the Oh, Holy Fools split with Bright Eyes) and 2001's Euphemystic. The new backing band comprised of Corey Broman (drums), Daniel Knapp (keyboards), Erika Pederson (bass), and Dylan Strimple (guitar) provides a solid foundation that builds upon Joe Knapp's eccentric songwriting. The eclectic style of Son Ambulance has the underlying vibe of classic pop songwriters like Elvis Costello and Jackson Browne, all while taking the listener to the other side of town, the other side of the world, never-never land, and everywhere in between. By turns, Key goes from maniacally clipping out the mastering board in a moment of psychedelic frenzy, to the dreamy guest vocals of Jenna Morrison floating up through the floorboards of your apartment, to proving that a Saturday Night Live saxophone solo and a guitar line reminiscent of Manchester's finest can fit comfortably, and somehow logically, on the same album. Lyrically vivid, musically rich, structurally mature, and sexually frustrated, Key presents the perfect soundtrack for Fall.

Release Date: October 26th, 2004

01. Entropy
02. Paper Snowflakes
03. Billy Budd
04. Chlorophyll
05. Sex in C Minor
06. C Minor Interlude
07. House Guest
08. Taxi-Cab Driver
09. Case of You/Wrinkle. Wrinkle
10. Glitter Angel
11. If I Should Fall Asleep
12. Pleasure, Now
13. Untitled

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