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Broken Spindles





  • 180g white vinyl pressed at RTI

"I wrote most of this record while on tour in the U.S. and Europe with The Faint and Beep Beep, sketching out ideas on my laptop after shows and before sound checks. Touring with a band, most of what you do is for the greater good of the group, so personal lives tend to take a back seat. How I went about writing inside/absent was probably a reaction to that. I decided early on not to let anyone hear any of it until it was done. Relying totally on my own ideas - not having anyone else's outside opinion or influence was a way of keeping a part of myself going." -Joel Peterson

Release Date: August 23rd, 2005

01. Inward
02. This Is an Introduction
03. Burn My Body
04. Please Don't Remember This
05. Desaturated
06. Birthday
07. The Distance Is Nearsighted
08. Valentine
09. Anniversary
10. Painted Boy Face
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