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Now It's Overhead

Fall Back Open



Now It's Overhead was born in Athens, GA, sometime in the late nineties. Sometime in the middle of the night. Andy LeMaster spent two years of dark downtime at his studio (Chase Park Transduction) creating a sketchbook of songs that became the first Now It's Overhead record. To complete his sketches, Andy called on the help of drummer Clay Leverett and Azure Ray's Orenda Fink and Maria Taylor. The studio project became a full-time band. Tours, record sales, photo shoots, interviews, and the like immediately followed.

Fall Back Open marks another two years of sleepless nights and the next step down the path to NIO glory. At once celebratory, frustrated, and heartbreaking, the music of Fall Back Open is diverse without being stylistically inconsistent. From dark, beat-driven sensuality to bright, country-tinged melodies, the band's epic tones and distinctive vocals provide threads of unity that run throughout. The talents of the band are augmented by guest vocals from Michael Stipe and Conor Oberst, giving you something to write and/or talk about before any of the more important things.

When Andy isn't crafting the dark, melodic pop of Now It's Overhead, he's touring and recording with Bright Eyes, working at his studio in Athens with bands like Azure Ray and R.E.M., or finding the occasional hour or two to sleep.

Release Date: March 9th, 2004

01. Wait in a Line
02. Surrender
03. Profile
04. Turn & Go
05. Fall Back Open
06. The Decision Made Itself
07. Reverse
08. Antidote
09. A Little Consolation

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