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Broken Spindles

Document Number One



Label: Kaput Pin
Catalog Number: KP-1

Broken Spindles is the omnibus name for the solo work of Joel Petersen, bass player and guitarist for Omaha, Nebraska's, The Faint. His previous three Broken Spindles CDs have been mostly based on traditional rock and electronic instrumentation and are known for their personal, electronic sound. They are introspective, moody, and dark. With his latest and most personal Broken Spindles release, "Document Number One," Petersen ventures into exciting territory.

For this album, Petersen composed for a 22-piece string orchestra, and often lets the orchestral players dominate the songs. The CD began as a score for an independent film, then Petersen expanded and changed the music to express his vision rather than be in service to the needs of a movie. The result is the all-instrumental "Document Number One" which breaks new ground while continuing the explorations of a musical innovator. As Petersen says, "It is all instrumental, part mood, part ambience, part driving electronics".

"Document Number One" is the first of a series of limited edition albums released by Petersen on his Kaput Pin label. Each CD cover was silk-screened, and then hand-painted and numbered as part of a limited edition collection by Peterson.

Release Date: April 8th, 2008

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