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Blood Rite



Chris Adams - the Los Angeles via Oakland producer/songwriter/multi-hyphenate known as PENDANT has signed to Saddle Creek. To celebrate, he’s released a new song, “Blood Rite,” a gleaming rave-infused, pop track with dark undertones. On the track Adams notes:

"I wrote Blood Rite as an attempt to reckon with my past, unveiling traumas from my childhood and connecting them to the person I see myself as today. I wanted to track the ways in which I’m bound to my past for better and for worse - the memories that haunt me make me who I am just as much as the sentimental ones. It all runs through my blood concurrently and guides me through my life."

His debut album, Through A Coil, released in 2019, was the first step in the evolution of Adams’s musical growth. Coming from hardcore and noise-punk bands,Through a Coil saw a shift in songwriting that melded shoegaze with Britpop recalling the likes of Stones Roses and My Bloody Valentine. “Blood Rite” marks yet another transformation and creative leap in songwriting that will bridge the gap betweenThough a Coil and his forthcoming Saddle Creek debut in 2022.

Release Date: June 29, 2021

1. Blood Rite

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