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Neva Dinova

Neva Dinova Bundle



This bundle includes three classic Neva Dinova albums and a new collection of rarities pressed on color vinyl, all at a discounted price!

Demos and C-Sides (2022) 
A collection of previously unreleased b-sides, demos, and rarities on transparent yellow vinyl.

1. Dragon 
2. Too Much Gone
3. Funeral Home
4. Night Moves
5. Blackest Heart (Demo Acoustic)
6. Where You Are
7. Supercomputer (Demo) 
8. I Burned My Hands
9. Do Not Hide Your Love (Demo)
10. There's My Boat

Neva Dinova (2022 Reissue)
2001 debut album on vinyl for the first time, pressed on transparent teal vinyl.

1. The Tin Man
2. Dances Fantastic
3. Lucifer's Lament
4. Jesus' Choir
5. Anita
6. It's Worse When You're Young
7. Brooklyn
8.Did You Disappoint Your God? 
9.Meetings For Surrender
10. At Least The Pain Is Real
11.State Of Town
12. Instrumental 2

The Hate Yourself Change (2022 Reissue)
2005 album featuring "Yellow Datsun" on vinyl for the first time, pressed on opaque white vinyl.

1. Hat O'er Eyes
2. Ahh
3. Yellow Datsun
4. The Champion
5. Can't Wait to See You
6. A Picture in Pocket
7. She Can't Change
8. Blackest Heart
9. Cold Calls
10. On/Off
11. I've Got a Feeling

You May Already Be Dreaming (2022 Reissue)
2008 album featuring "Clouds" and "Supercomputer" pressed on opaque bone vinyl.


1. Love from Below
2. Will the Ladies Send You Flowers?
3. Clouds
4. Supercomputer
5. Tryptophan
6. Squirrels
7. She's a Ghost
8. Someone's Trippin'
9. What You Want
10. Funeral Home
11. It's Hard to Love You
12. No One Loves Me
13. Apocalypse
14. A Man and His Dream

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