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Dear Reader,
We are UUVVWWZ, an avant-blues quartet from Lincoln Nebraska, comprised of Teal Gardner, Jim Schroeder, Dustin Wilbourn, and David Ozinga. We have been playing as UU for five years and have put out one album previously, a self-titled record that was screech-cronky, clubbier, and babier than our current work, the trusted language.

We took two years to write this album and are pleased to present these eight songs to you. In the trusted language we aspire to braid music theory with experimental poetry, which functions as a conduit toward a schizo-cultural critique and embodied project (see our video for "Open Sign.") From our previous record to the trusted language listeners will note a development, a shift resulting in an exceedingly unified perspective that is more acutely political and cohesive sounding.

We have played 100 shows at this point, and plan on playing more of them. Our live shows have been described as "the internet on fire" and we want to keep it that way, so we will continue torching 2012 Macbook Pros onstage as long as we can keep stealing them.

Words that have been written about our previous record include:
"These guys tune up the Erase Errata skronk attack with an extra bite and precision, led by sinister, dissonant guitars bouncing off counterpoint growling bass. All the while, Teal Gardner conjures a Bride of Captain Beefheart persona." - Boston Phoenix

"Hand-in-hand, with youthful, energetic bands who test out the tepid waters of rock by prodding it with a little musical electricity. UUVVWWZ like to wring the necks of their guitars, and Gardner's vocals compliment this manhandling of sound." -Venus

Lovingly, UUVVWWZ

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