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Ladyfinger (ne)

In February of 2009 Ladyfinger (ne) released their sophomore effort Dusk. The album bridged three decades of influence, mixing early 70's classic rock with punk and hardcore of the late 80's and early 90's. This unique fusion gained them praise (Pitchfork called Dusk's lead single 'Little Things' "all power and momentum and baldface 70's classic-rock glory") and a pack of new fans.

After a brief time away and a lineup change, Ladyfinger (ne) began playing shows on and off in early 2010. The shows went well and by the summer of 2011 the band was revisiting unfinished songs from the Dusk sessions and writing new tracks. In May of 2012 the band found itself at ARC studios in Omaha once again recording with their longtime producer Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Minus the Bear, Isis). Singer/Guitarist Chris Machmuller best sums up the band's return: "Ladyfinger (ne) is not in demand. Few are awaiting an upcoming release. There are no contracts to satisfy, nor schedules to maintain. No booking agent to pester. No publicist to rip us off. Despite these realities, or perhaps because of them, this album was written for the same reason as the previous two: The music was there."

Upon listening to the ten songs found on Errant Formsit's clear that the music was indeed there. Their signature mix of classic rock bombast and punk grit is back on display here in standout tracks "Galactic" and "Poison For Hire", while "Birds" paints an ominous vision of atonement over subtle guitars that slowly build until absolution is realized with the pounding drums and organ that emerge at the song's climax. Lead single "Dark Horse" is an ode to escapism that stands out for being as solemn as it is anthemic. Errant Forms adds a new level of musical nuance and lyrical breadth to Ladyfinger (ne)'s already dynamic sound.

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