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Old Canes

Feral Harmonic




  • 180g vinyl pressed at RTI
  • Limited Edition of 1000, hand-numbered 
  • Includes download card 

Old Canes began in 2004 as a new project for Appleseed Cast front man Chris Crisci. It was born out of a few acoustic melodies he had written and performed impromptu when Appleseed Cast was uncharacteristically asked to perform acoustically at an in-store performance in Europe. Inspired by a second creative outlet, and the reaction the fledgling songs received, Crisci began recording these and more, calling on a host of musician friends to fill out the parts.

Drum tracks were laid to tape on a snowy winter day. Perhaps surprising to imagine, given the album's warmth and unabashed exuberance, but that's how the foundation was built for Feral Harmonic, the sophomore album from Old Canes.

The energy and ideas on Feral Harmonic are palpable, starting with song one, "Little Bird Courage", as the album launches with joyous, barreling drums, furiously strummed guitars, and glistening toy piano that erupts into a chorus of trumpets. Cautiously plucked banjo forewarns the ominous lessons of "Trust", while cascading guitars, trumpets, and pounding drums build to a boisterous roar, contrasting the lyrical lover's lament in "Stuck". The album closes, after all, with wistful "Southern Radio", which features only Crisci's weathered voice and an acoustic guitar.

Contributors to Feral Harmonic are: John Anderson (White Whale, Boys Life), drums; Kelly Hangauer (4th Of July), trumpet; Jeff Stoltz (Drakkar Sauna), harmophone; Joey Henry (Calamity Cubes), backing vocals; Jordan Geiger (Minus Story, Hospital Ships), backing vocals; Lucas Oswald (Minus Story, Hospital Ships), backing vocals, cello, hammer dulcimer; John Momberg (The Dactyls, Appleseed Cast), drums; and Tyler French (original Old Canes drummer turned union organizer), drums.

Release Date: October 20th, 2009

01. Intro
02. Little Bird Courage
03. The Last Collapse
04. Trust
05. Next Flood
06. Sweet
07. Under
08. I Will Be the Sun
09. Stuck
10. Flower Faces
11. Black Hill Chapel
12. Southern Radio

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