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Indigo De Souza

I Love My Mom



BUBBLEGUM and LIME JUICE LPs are pre-order items. All items ordered alongside a physical pre-order will ship together in early September. You will receive an instant download of the full album upon purchase.

    Limited Edition "Bubblegum" LP
    - Opaque pink vinyl pressed at Microforum
    - Limited Edition of 500

    Limited Edition "Lime Juice" LP
    - Opaque lime green vinyl pressed at Microforum
    - Limited Edition of 500

    Indie Exclusive "Skull Crack" LP available at participating stores on release day.
    - Purple splatter vinyl pressed at Memphis Vinyl
    - Limited Edition of 500

    Black LP
    - Black vinyl pressed at Memphis Vinyl

    All LPs include a download card.

    Indigo De Souza’s I Love My Mom, her debut LP initially released in 2018, is a collection of the best songs she’d written in the few years that preceded it, recorded quickly and breathlessly and thrown out into the world. Consisting of ten songs, the album feels both raw and unabashed. Indigo pulled a band together for the first time, and was quickly encouraged to commit her songs to tape. Recorded at her friend’s house, they played almost everything live in just a few days, and released the record naturally, with little fanfare. That the record quickly took on a life of its own, deeply resonating with those who heard it, is a testament to Indigo’s songwriting. On June 11th, I Love My Mom gets the full release it deserves - pressed to vinyl for the first time, ahead of a brand new LP a little further down the road. 

    Saddle Creek Album Release Date: June 11, 2021
    Original Album Release Date: June 8, 2018

    1. How I Get Myself Killed
    2. Take Off Ur Pants
    3. Good Heart
    4. Smoke
    5. Sick in the Head
    6. What Are We Gonna Do Now
    7. Home Team
    8. Ghost
    9. The Sun Is Bad
    10. I Had to Get Out

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