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Gentle (draag me Remix)


draag me’s remix of the Disq song “Gentle” from their album, Collector.

draag me is a project from Zack Schwartz of SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE. As Zack described his process for the remix, “I’ve never remixed a straight forward rock song so hopefully the band enjoyed it even though I basically made an entirely new song.”

We think Disq did, in fact, enjoy it. As they put it, “When we approached the possibility of remixing ‘Gentle,’ it was immediately and unanimously decided that Draag Me would be our first choice (a rare feat for this band) — Zack’s work with draag me and SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE is so fresh and singular, a massive inspiration to our band, so when Zack agreed we were ecstatic. When we received the remix and sat down to listen, we didn’t know what to expect really, we thought that maybe it would either be somewhat conventional or absolutely insane, and we were happy to discover upon the first few seconds of listening that it was clearly the latter. Sitting there with stupid grins on our faces trying to decipher our music, we laughed our asses off, our minds were blown, it was incredible. We hope you’ll be able to find just as much newfound joy in our song as we did through Zack’s remix. Draw a bath, light a few candles, spark up a bowl, light a joint, screw on a fresh cart, torch your rig, refill your dry herb vape, and enjoy.”

Release Date: July 7, 2021

1. Gentle (draag me Remix)

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