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DTAP / True Love



Brooklyn-based artist Shalom shares two new songs: an original titled “DTAP” and a cover of Hovvdy’s “True Love,” both produced by her creative counterpart Ryan Hemsworth. It’s part two of her single / cover series, the first of which included her song“Bad To The Bone” and Glass Animals'“Agnes.” The video for “DTAP” features Shalom roller skating near the ocean, combining a deep passion with one of her favorite places. She notes of the song:

"DTAP was such a fun song to make. when i visited ryan in february i came to him with a demo of the chorus that i had made a couple weeks before, and the first full day we spent in the shed (ryan’s studio) it just exploded into this upbeat dancey tune about dreaming of someone and the magic that happens when you don’t really care where or when as long as the who is right, the right person. it was a blast to write and even though i was in the midst of processing my big breakup, there’s something so pure about that song so the joy prevails. joy prevails, different time, any place."

She continues about “True Love”:

"ryan and i made this hovvdy cover at like 10pm when we had different plans for a different song, but i came into the shed and was like, “i wanna do a true love cover” and then we did. the song is so special to me, and that record is so special to me - the first two weeks after i heard it for the first time, it was all i listened to. it’s so honest, and so open, and the refrain - do you believe what i said, that i’m the man i say i am - wrecks me when i hear it and it wrecks me when i sing it. but in the best way. true love asks us, do you believe what i said? and when i feel true love, i do. i believe."

Release Date: September 7th, 2022

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