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Big Harp

White Hat




  • Vinyl pressed at United
  • Includes CD 

The songs on White Hat range from gun-in-her-garter saloon narratives and paranoid soul struts to intimate ballads of quiet resignation and open-hearted love songs. The recordings are raw and un-fussed over, with the spirited energy and honest emotion of live performance.

Drawing from the classic country and folk of Senseneyʼs childhood and anchored by Drootinʼs rock-solid rhythms and indie-punk roots, White Hat contains echoes of artists from Townes Van Zandt to Nick Cave, Willie Nelson to Captain Beefheart. Fitting for a couple in no rush to slow down, White Hat was recorded at LAʼs Nightingale studios in a mere three days. Rilo Kiley bassist Pierre de Reeder recorded the album and drums were handled by Chris Phillips.

Release Date: September 13th, 2011

01. Nadine
02. Everybody Pays
03. Goodbye Crazy City
04. Steady Hand Behind the Wheel
05. All Bets Are Off
06. Some Old World I Used To Know
07. Here's Hoping
08. Let Me Lend My Shoulder
09. White Hat
10. Out in the Field
11. Oh Nadine

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