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Beep Beep

Enchanted Islands



Eric Ray - engrossed in a world of boundless imagination inspired by the masters of Fantastic Art and illuminated by the work of elven goddesses Dagmar Krause, Kate Bush and Alison Krauss - set to the task of illustrating these magical visions through sound.

Christopher Terry - mourning the slow sacrificial butchering of his creative being in offering to the gods of financial solvency, sought salvation through smooth music.

Enchanted Islands is a bewitched fantasia for a mysticized and genetically mutated Galapagos Islands. Beep Beep takes you on a delicate, disjointed voyage in the spirit of Ruiz's Three Crowns of the Sailor where no distinction is made between the real and the impossible, a voyage anchored only by the inherent truths of human desire and despair. The Journey is equivalent to a night's worth of vivid dreaming where time is out of place and every location makes sense only within its own context. Abrupt transitions through eras and settings leave the first-person narrative undaunted as the newly defined roles are exactly understood the moment these new adventures begin.

For Eric Ray and Chris Terry, it is a journey illuminated by the clash of willful escapism with the looming inevitability of "adult" choices. Together, they craft a hidden realm where they are free to roam as their majestic selves unencumbered by the contingencies of the American Dream. For them, Enchanted Islands exists as an exotic snow globe allowing them to peer into the window of their taxidermied essence, preserved in its most magnificent form. Beep Beep resides evermore in this sacred place and Enchanted Islands is your invitation. Hello children...

Release Date: March 24th, 2009


01. I See You!
02. Mermaid Struggle
03. Secrets for the Well
04. Return to Me
05. The Whispering Waves
06. The Lion's Mouth
07. Goodbye Sunshine
08. Wooden Nickels
09. Seppuku
10. I Miss You
11. Mortal Warrior
12. Baby Shoes
13. Two-Spirit
14. Only See Me

DISC 2 (Surrounding Islets)
01. Kokopelli Windchime
02. Human Hair
03. Fly Eyes
04. Granddaddy
05. Happy Birthday
06. Hot Stuff

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