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Sorry About Dresden

The Convenience of Indecision



Sorry About Dresden consists of two relocated Omaha, Nebraskans who now call Chapel Hill their home. When Matt Oberst (vocals, guitar), brother of Bright Eyes' Conor Oberst, moved from Omaha to North Carolina he hooked up with Matt Tomich (another former Nebraskan who had moved to the the tri-cities) to play music together. Using their Omaha connection as the basis for their music, they hooked up with Eric Roehrig (vocals, guitar) and James Hepler (drums) to round out the lineup for Sorry About Dresden. They released a debut album, an EP, and a handful of 7"s over the years, and now Saddle Creek has offered our assistance to these longtime friends.

Sorry About Dresden is confused: confused about stations in life, unchangeable pasts and murky futures. They find themselves "old enough to repay, but young enough to sell" as Neil Yong once put it. Yet from this confusion emerges The Convenience of Indecision, an album in the full sense of the word, thematically unified and sonically diverse, that celebrates the new dark age they see before them.

After four years of releases, their vision is fully realized in their highly anticipated full length. Heralded as the triumphant return of Chapel Hillased indie-rock, Sorry About Dresden clearly draws inspiration from many eras of rock's storied past. Heavier topically, its approach ranges from explosive anthems driven by blistering rhythms to lush compositions layered with piano, organ, glockenspiel, vibraphone, violin, and pedal steel. Recorded by Mike Mogis (Cursive, Bright Eyes, Songs Ohia) and Brian Paulson (Superchunk, Slint, Uncle Tupelo, Beck), the record sounds at once dark, volatile, and warmly verdant.

Release Date: October 23rd, 2001

01. A Losing Season
02. On Contradiction
03. One Version of Events
04. A Brilliant Ally
05. It's Morning Again in America
06. Hosanna in the Highest
07. Deadship, Darkship
08. Carthage Must Be Destroyed
09. It's Not Early Anymore
10. Faulty Math, Tired Horses
11. The Happy Couple
12. A Reunion of Sorts

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