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The Rural Alberta Advantage





  • 180g vinyl pressed at RTI
  • Includes download card

With Departing, the RAA further refines the exuberant guitar work; intricate percussion; everything-on-the-table, earnest vocals; and infectious, keyboard-sprinkled arrangements that have won the adoration of critics and fans alike.

Though Departing is viewed by the band as a companion piece to their first album, the band has allowed itself to stretch out. As the main songwriter, Edenloff will bring a song or idea to the table for the band to take it apart and build it back up. “Since the songs tend to hinge on the interplay between the drums and the vocals/lead instrument it can sometimes take a lot of the time to find that fundamental core of the song before we can really move forward with it. Sometimes this might mean taking a song that was initially written on guitar and making it a keyboard song (i.e. "The Breakup", "Under the Knife" and "North Star") or taking a keyboard song and making it more of a guitar song (i.e. "Tornado '87")." says Edenloff.

Bringing closure to the exploration of themes of love, loss and leaving that began with Hometowns, Departing contains ten songs about growing up and moving on.

Release Date: March 1st, 2011

01. Two Lovers
02. The Breakup
03. Under the Knife
04. Muscle Relaxants
05. North Star
06. Stamp
07. Tornado '87
08. Barnes' Yard
09. Coldest Days
10. Good Night

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