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Neva Dinova

Demos and C-Sides



Also available in the Neva Dinova Bundle, which includes all three 2022 LP reissues!


  • Transparent yellow vinyl pressed at Memphis Vinyl
  • Pressing of 500
  • Includes download card

In Omaha, Nebraska, in the early aughts being in a band did not require talent or skill or opportunity. Anyone could do it. Everyone should do it. All that it required was time and inspiration. With an early love of poetry and music, Neva Dinova evolved from a great reason to laugh and drink and rock in mom’s basement into a vehicle for storied perspectives. An art project. 

The band was too dumb for some, and too dramatic for others, but over time it’s become clear: those that love this band do so for life. The songs have resonated with such endurance because they speak truth to the human conditions of love, longing, sadness, and anger. Listeners hear a reflection of their own hearts in the music. The band didn’t have any use for genre boundaries; Neva Dinova was always just Neva Dinova. Sometimes plainspoken, sometimes ornate, sometimes slow and spacey, sometimes loud, but always with a generosity of spirit and an empathetic curiosity. And an occasional joke thrown in with some reflective disrespect.

Even through extended periods of radio silence, longtime listeners continue to reach out with love and support, hoping for another installation in the musical journey. The band is pleased to share Demos and C-Sides, a selection of ten previously unheard tracks - their first release of new material in more than a dozen years.

Release Date: August 19th, 2022

1. Dragon (Demo)
2. Too Much Gone
3. Funeral Home (Demo)
4. Night Moves
5. Blackest Heart (Acoustic Demo)
6. Where You Are
7. Supercomputer (Demo)
8. I Burned My Hands
9. Do Not Hide Your Love (Demo)
10. There's My Boat


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