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The Faint






  • Silver vinyl pressed at GZ
  • Includes 7" w/ two bonus songs
  • Includes download card

Seventeen years ago, The Faint ushered in the return of synthesizers to the modern musical landscape with the release of 1999’s Blank-Wave Arcade. The world took note and the dance-rock movement of the early 00’s followed in its wake. In the ensuing years, the band’s consistent evolution cemented their status as one of the most forward thinking and influential forces in dance-rock. CAPSULE:1999-2016, surveys The Faint’s most renowned output over that timespan, while also taking a look at what the future holds for the acclaimed Omaha electro-punks. Seventeen tracks from the era are included in this retrospective, with contributions from Blank-Wave Arcade, Danse Macabre, Wet From Birth, Fasciinatiion, Doom Abuse, and 2016’s “Young & Realistic” single; as well as two brand new songs, “Skylab1979” and “ESP.”*

* New tracks are included on CD/Digital and pressed as a bonus 7” with the LP.

Release Date: September 30th, 2016

01. Glass Danse
02. Paranoiattack
03. Agenda Suicide
04. Mirror Error
05. Evil Voices
06. The Conductor
07. Desperate Guys
08. Worked Up So Sexual
09. Posed to Death
10. I Disappear
11. Take Me to the Hospital
12. The Geeks Were Right
13. Dropkick the Punks
14. Damage Control
15. Call Call
16. Southern Belles in London Sing
17. Young & Realistic
18. Skylab1979 (Bonus Track) *
19. ESP (Bonus Track) *

 * on CD and bonus 7"

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