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Black Belt Eagle Scout

At the Party With My Brown Friends




  • Vinyl pressed at GZ
  • Gatefold jacket
  • Includes download card

Released in September of 2018,Mother of My Children was the debut album from Black Belt Eagle Scout, the recording project of Katherine Paul. Heralded as a favorite new musician of 2018 by the likes ofNPR Music, Stereogum, and Paste, the album was also named as a “Best Rock Album of 2018” byPitchfork, and garnered further end-of-year praise fromFADER,Under The Radar and more.

Arriving just a year after that debut record,At the Party With My Brown Friendsis a brand new full-length recording from Black Belt Eagle Scout. Where that first record was a snapshot of loss and landscape and of KP’s standing as a radical indigenous queer feminist, this new chapter finds its power in love, desire and friendship.

At the Party With My Brown Friendsis a profound and understated forward step. The squalling guitar anthems that shaped its predecessor are replaced by delicate vocals and soft keys, sentiments spoken and unspoken, presenting something shadowy and unsettling; a stirring of the waters.The end result presents a captivating about-face that redefines KP’s beautifully singular artistic vision.

Release Date: August 30th, 2019

1. At the Party 
2. My Heart Dreams 
3. Going to the Beach With Haley 
4. Real Lovin 
5. Run It to Ya 
6. I Said I Wouldn’t Write This Song 
7. Scorpio Moon 
8. Half Colored Hair 
9. You’re Me and I’m You 

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