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Bright Eyes

Take it Easy (Love Nothing)



One of a pair of Bright Eyes singles, Take it Easy (Love Nothing) offers a sneak preview of Digital Ash In a Digital Urn, one of two full-length albums set to hit stores in January 2005. Why two? They are two decidedly different singles, previewing two decidedly different albums. Digital Ash In a Digital Urn features the more eclectic and pop-based sounds Bright Eyes has only alluded to in the past. Think of what happens when a New York inspired guy heads back to Nebraska and pushes the recording studio to its limit. Take it Easy (Love Nothing) features one song from Digital Ash In a Digital Urn and two tracks exclusive to the single. Exclusive tracks include a cover of Simon Joyner's "Burn Rubber" and the instrumental "Cremation."

Release Date: October 26th, 2004

01. Take It Easy (Love Nothing)
02. Burn Rubber
03. Cremation

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