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Premiering UUVVWWZ's Alluring Haunt: the trusted language

Author: Matt Howard
01/28/2013 | Baeble Music | | Album Review
Nebraska has historically been an epicenter of the indie music scene, and it's greatly owed to the obscure awesomeness that's regularly dispensed by Saddle Creek Records. One of their latest musical specimen comes in the form of the "avant-blues" Lincoln, Nebraska quartet UUVVWWZ. Fronted by the haunting allure of Teal Gardner's voice, each song on the band's forthcoming LP, the trusted language, is propelled by the turbulent precision of over-driven electric strings. UUVVWWZ will bring you back to the Saddle Creek hay-day, which they alone could rejuvenate in the Twenty Tens. If you don't believe me, check out the exclusive stream of the trusted language in its entirety below.


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