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UUVVWWZ's 'the trusted language': Ethereal with an edge

12/27/2012 | Examiner | | Album Review
The unpronounceable UUVVWWZ's soon-to-come LP, "the trusted language", has a distinct sound that's not for everyone. Teal Gardner's vocals conjure up not-so-distant memories of Liela Moss (The Duke Spirit) when she whispers, and Amanda Palmer when she screams. The latter is particularly apparent on the track "GRIPS", during Gardner's shrieked opposition of "f**k his politics!", while the former can be detected on "No Apart." There is also at times a light coating, a sprinkling even, of Emily Haines' presence (Metric).

"Open Sign" is the first single from "the trusted language". It's gritty, it's groovy, and it sounds like it was recorded in the '60s, save for an undercurrent of a more modernistic sound akin to that of Oxford's Supergrass. That is, if Supergrass and Palmer were to get together and jam.

Every track here sounds worlds different from the one that comes before it, so if at first you do not like, listen, listen again. The title track sounds like it belongs in a film as accompaniment to a drug-imbibing scene à la Half Nelson. "Charlotte's List" misleads. At first, it seems you may be whisked away on a cloud in a Jewel's "Angel Standing By" kind of way. Though, as you continue to listen, the song comes up from behind you and punches you in the head.

UUVVWWZ's "the trusted language" is an acquired taste, and it is anything but mainstream. As the band's bio on their website indicates, "the music we make explores in depth the many mysteries of being alive RIGHT NOW, in this or that moment." Their LP consists of a series of those moments, all of which contain that brand of passionate energy that can be mistaken for anger but is really the essence of existence.


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