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Two Gallants

Author: Jeff Bracco
11/07/2007 | | | Live Show Preview
Local boys The Two gallants were in town with Portland based Blitzen Trapper at the Independent. The Two Gallants have quite a large and diverse following, ranging from fans in their early twenties (breaking out the Halloween costumes a week early) to some hard core looking motorcycle dudes that appeared to be in costume, but weren't. The leather clad motorcycle dudes raised their cups of beer in appreciation when the Two Gallants played a song they liked, or a particular guitar riff that they approved of. A diverse crowd seems natural when you take into account the Two Gallants stripped down sound consisting of a guitar and drums. It's accessible music rooted primarily in blues/rock.

Blitzen Trapper was a great opening act, and although the four guitars and multiple keyboards sounded a bit excessive when they were played at once, the band had an awesome energy and turned the City by the Bay into a Wild Mountain Nation (the name of their debut album). Blitzen Trapper have a familiar organic sound that is an eclectic mix of country rock, and blues. The title track sounds a little like the Grateful Dead. "Devil A Go Go" is a rowdy track, and although the crowd didn't seem as familiar with their material, heads were bobbing, and when the songs would end they were followed by some hoots and hollers, even the occasional "Yee-Haw!" To which the keyboardist replied, "yee-haw, indeed." You gotta love high brow alt-country.

The Two Gallants have a lot of heart, and it really came through in their performance. I have their last album, and was moved to buy their newest after the show. Vocalist Adam Stephens has a gut wrenching raspy voice, that sounded strangely soft at the beginning of the show. Once he was warmed up, the entire audience was on a string. They played songs from their new record including stand outs "Miss Meri," and "The Hand That Held Me Down," but the party really got jumping with "Steady Rollin'" from What the Toll Tells. Fists began pumping at the first few chords. "Steady Rollin'" is one of the best drinking songs of the last decade, and one of those tracks that if you ever need a kick in the ass, the song will give it to you. There was a sweet moment during the song where Stephens sings about tossing his wife in the Bay, and everyone sang along... partly because it's a great melody, and partly because people love to hear their geography referenced in song.
Two Gallants

Two Gallants

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