Two Gallants

11/08/2007 | Lost at Sea | | Album Review
The mental image always conjured in conjunction with Two Gallants' music is that of the worn out traveler, long suffering and forced to hit the road, turning his back on the past and taking exhausted steps towards an uncertain, but certainly weary, future. In less capable hands, this bleak motif would drag the listener down with it, but the San Francisco duo of Adam Stephens and Tyson Vogel avoids such a murky fate by inserting moments of beauty and redemption into their otherwise despondent songs. Experts at crafting stories steeped in melancholy, but lightened by hope, Two Gallants occupy a unique hollow in the musical landscape.

On their third and eponymous full-length, Two Gallants don't exactly explore new territory, choosing instead to fine-tune their brand of despairingly alt-country emo rock. Jumping from near hootenannies to majestic ballads, Two Gallants follows in the footsteps of its predecessors, while making its own indelible mark. Songs such as "The Hand That Held You Down" and "Reflections Of The Marionette" are beautiful in their scope and heartbreaking in their subject matter, and fold neatly into the band's body of work. For

When it comes to detailing stories about loss, longing, and redemption, Two Gallants are amazingly consistent. Perhaps more so than any other band out there today, the pair channel the spirit of the wandering troubadour in all of his dusty, down and out glory.
8 out of 10.
Two Gallants

Two Gallants

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