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What the Toll Tells

Author: Bao Le-Huu
04/14/2006 | Orlando City Beat | | Live Show Preview

Saddle Creek in da muthafuggin' houuuse… er, in a manner of speaking.

two gallants and The Heathens – Monday, Will's Pub. This San Francisco duo is one of the more intriguing acts on the esteemed Saddle Creek roster. Their rich and evocative storytelling is channeled through a roguish, rambling style of down-home rock that's as much porch as it is punk. And you know how I feel about the youthful alt-country vim of our local boys The Heathens. This is definitely the one to hit this week.

Poison the Well and Criteria – Friday, The Social. Beloved Florida metalcore band Poison the Well knows how to balance a meaty sonic crush with melodic gestures without sounding like total tools. Criteria, another Saddle Creek band, offers angular, melodic emo that's not afraid to be extroverted with a big guitar sound.
What the Toll Tells

What the Toll Tells

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