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What the Toll Tells

Author: Clay Masters
02/21/2006 | Daily Nebraskan | | Feature
Recently the San Francisco duo Two Gallants has made the jump from California label Alive to the Omaha powerhouse Saddle Creek Records.

The band's sophomore release, "What the Toll Tells," is its first release off Saddle Creek.

The switch from labels hasn't altered the band's sound whatsoever.

"The music has been changing naturally," said Two Gallants drummer Tyson Vogel. "Unless you sign to a big major label that dictates what you do, there isn't going to be much of a change in sound."

Some of the album's material was created when the band's members first started playing together.

"Age of Assassins" was the first song the duo wrote together and wasn't intended for release, Vogel said.

"The songs seem to tell you whether or not they will fit onto an album," Vogel said. "We didn't go into recording the album knowing what songs we were going to record; the songs themselves seem to dictate that."

Vogel said the song-writing process usually starts with an idea from the band's other half, vocalist/guitarist Adam Stephens.

"The process kind of changes from song to song. Sometimes (Stephens) will come in with a fully done song and then we will hash it out together," Vogel said.

"(The writing) is always discussed, not with words, but when we're working on stuff, we're playing equal parts."

Vogel said he and his band mate had no problems with making the label jump, which he described as a natural change.

"Signing with Saddle Creek was a really comfortable situation," Vogel said. "We discussed everything first, there was no bullshit whatsoever."

Saddle Creek label manager Jason Kulbel echoed the sentiment.

"We don't sign a new band too often, and it's a big deal, informally and formally, when we do sign a band for (Saddle Creek)," Kulbel said.

"We get tons of demos, anywhere from 20 to 25 a week, and we've never signed a band off of a demo. We usually stumble across the bands ourselves that we wind up signing."

Saddle Creek officials pride themselves on having an eclectic mix of talent on their label, Kulbel said.

Two Gallants currently is touring the United Kingdom and will return to its second home, Omaha, for a show at the Sokol Underground on March 23.

"There have been bigger crowds at our shows since we signed to Saddle Creek. One person who was interviewing us said that she had noticed a lot more people wearing Saddle Creek-affiliated T-shirts," Vogel said.

"It's really cool to see the local and nationwide influence Nebraska has on the music scene. We feel really lucky to be apart of something that we respect."
What the Toll Tells

What the Toll Tells

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Two Gallants

Two Gallants

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What the Toll Tells

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