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What the Toll Tells

Author: Vincenza
10/15/2005 | | | Live Show Preview
So about 100 years ago or the Friday before last, whichever is more recent, I went to see the Two Gallants at their October 7th Los Angeles show at El Cid

Unfortunately, I took too long a nap and so I missed all of wires on fire. Held in line on the stairs during the end of Holy Ghost Revival, I enjoyed the 1 songs I managed to catch through the stair vines as the doorman studied his people counter clicker. I was behind an acquaintance, friend of a friend, Gabe, the guitarist/vocalist for the Starvations (you should check them out too) who had rushed over from work to see the Holy Ghost Revival, he aptly described them as the Stooges meet Queen.

Gabe told me the Starvations had played a show with the Two Gallants about a year ago, just down the street at the Elliott Smith Memorial Wall and I think he said only about 20 people were there (it was noisy on those stairs). That gig was on March 12th, 2004 to be exact, wish I hadn't missed it. While we're on the subject of that wall and that building has anyone else had their stereo fixed at Solutions and gotten the nipple and breast milk speech delivered to them by the store's owner? It's an interesting experience.

We were allowed to enter a few minutes before the Two Gallants. They were definitely worth the wait. Folk, country, punk to me check out "fail hard to regain" for visual of the fun punk side of them. They are a guitar, drum two piece that rock but don't sacrifice the clarity of word. It was also very nice to hear the harmonica in some of their songs, something about those songs with that instrument made me think of an Uncle who'd passed away, hadn't thought of him in a long while; he used to play the harmonica at breakfast time. During the show, it occurred to me that out of the two-pieces I've seen in the last three years, this is the one that's affected me the deepest.

With tantalizing intros, it's no wonder a guy yelled just before the vocals started for Drive My Car "Don't stop now I'm almost there!" . Was it to Drive My Car? I could be wrong, couldn't find lyrics and still don't have the CD (see the next paragraph). What I do know is that the word "car" was in the first line or so, after that audience outburst.

I wish I had bought a CD but somehow I wandered outside the club with (I mean without) my Whiskey Sour and forgot to go back to the merch table. I looked in two smaller indie record stores in my area later that weekend but failed to locate it.

They'll be in Europe next - go see them there, or when they get back to the States or you know as soon as you can manage to get yourself in the same place.
What the Toll Tells

What the Toll Tells

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