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Elephant Shell

Author: Mike Evans
05/29/2008 | Electric City | | Album Review
THE GOOD: Canadian indie-rockers temporarily abandon the EP format and give us a debut full-length.
THE BAD: Elephant Shell is decent, but it's one of those albums where cuts begin to blend together after awhile. TPC has its own unique style; the band just needs to "change it up" a little more.
THE NITTY GRITTY: Boasting songs guided by the most manic of beats and oddly crashing shuffles, while sharp guitars and swirling keyboards accentuate the sing-song melodies spread over the top, Elephant Shell never loses its initial inertia. TPC unleashes crackling good tunes recalling the likes of Modest Mouse, Pinback and even We Are Scientists all along the way.

Shell kicks off with "Centennial" - a track that packs quite a lot of guitar punch while still remaining almost graceful. From there we move onto the equally infectious "In A Cave" (painted with just the right amount of six-string noise) and "Graves" with its ornate countermelodies.

The record keeps its momentum going. However, the predictability factor rises as the album progresses. TPC seems to enjoy hanging out in its comfort zone.
BUY IT?: Sure. TPC is still developing, but these boys are definitely on the right track.
Elephant Shell

Elephant Shell

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