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Elephant Shell

05/01/2008 | Wonka Vision | | Feature
"Sound Bites: Tokyo Police Club"

Label: Saddle Creek []

On the agenda: "Getting set to release a new record, called Elephant Shell, on April 22nd, which involves lots of touring, and interviews, and general self-promotion."

Favorite place to play: "Europe. Something about waking up every day in a differenc historical city. We love wandering around amidst old buildings. You can stop in any random town in Germany and chances are there will be some amazing old church or something to explore."

Favorite city-to-city activity: "There's no better way to experience records than by sitting in the van, with our iPod, watching the countryside roll by besides you."

Actual Myspace comment: "My English is bad, and I'm an American!"

In their own words: "We are a rock band called Tokyo Police Club. We try."

Liz's take: Sometimes Canada produces gems. One of those gems in Tokyo Police Club.
Elephant Shell

Elephant Shell

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