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Elephant Shell

Author: Blake Gillepsie
05/19/2008 | Impose | | Live Show Preview
Tokyo Police Club did not sell out the Magic Stick, so its hype has not reached the mammoth proportions the fuss over its 16 minute A Lesson In Crime EP suggested it might over a year ago. Indeed, one would think TPC's opportunity to seize the masses has passed, making the band of Canadian youngsters old hat before releasing a proper LP. Not the case though, as TPC was given dancing and signing adoration from its Detroit fans. Whether it was the current contagious anthem of "Your English Is Good" or a TPC fossil like "Nature of the Experiment", the swift and punchy tunes were equally met with crowd energy.

As I witnessed the obsessive chantings and shouts, it clicked as to why TPC, in this manic attention span world, is able to stay relevant. With each EP or LP released, it always involves opportunities for crowd participation in a live setting. The swirling speed guitars whirl manically past, but its the chants that keep us in the music as we beckon "ohhh give us your vote, if you know what's good for you," as though we are all desperate politicians.

Tokyo Police Club gave everything to Detroit and thanked its fans frequently. Lead vocalist David Monks told of the TPC's first show in Detroit, in which the band played to a weird homeless guy and the sound man, and of seeing Bloc Party and The Strokes at this venue where he was now performing. It was a frankness rarely expressed by performers, but he eagerly admitted to feeling privileged to play for such an ecstatic crowd. The TPC encored with "Cheer It On", a fitting finale with an exclamatory hook. It was a dizzying extra two minutes that left the house hungry for a second helping.
Elephant Shell

Elephant Shell

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