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Elephant Shell

Author: Vadim Rizov
06/01/2008 | Paste | | Album Review
A Canadian band with only four members. Finally!

"This is skin you can wrap all of your arms and legs in" are the first words on Tokyo Police Club's full-length debut, David Monks bleating out the vocals over drums so think you could mistake his band for The Postal Service.

Soon the rock appearsóby "Graves, they've arrived at an emo approximation of The Strokes. Unlike many of its garage-damaged contemporaries, Tokyo Police Club tempers its tight jangle with lyrics on just the right side of sappy. "Broken hearts tessellate," Monks sings on the both almost-too-clever and too-sincere "Tessellate," but the band never fractures its brand of zeitgeist-surfing pseudo-garage. The drums occasionally boom like Bloc Party, and the glockenspiel sometimes sounds twee, but the band emerges with a distinct voice. While Tokyo Police Club isn't the cult sensation the early hype suggested, the songs still work, disguising their hooks behind wimpy production that deepens them with repeated listens.
Elephant Shell

Elephant Shell

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