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Elephant Shell

Author: Ben Sisario
05/01/2008 | Blender | | Album Review
Tokyo Police Club - Elephant Shell: 3.5/4 stars

Ontario band says this debut album is for "driving around town in the dark".

All therapy sessions should be as efficient as this 28-minute debut album. Nebbishy-voiced David Monks details his peculiarly morbid view of social disaffection ("Graves" pictures a reunion with a dead mohter while "sharing all her blackened brians") as his band turns the gloom into tightly focused, riff-fueld catharsis. Making ood on the promise of two nervously explosive EPs, Tokyo Police Club indulge in plenty of echoey atmospherics but also add Foo Fighters-esque blasts of guitar, as if leaping into action and kicking over their chairs. In "Juno," a post-breakup Monks resides in an emotional tundra ("I've got a place in the Arctic Circle"), and if his words leave no way out, the sweaty snare smacks and sunny synth whistles offer the best medicine: pleasure."
Elephant Shell

Elephant Shell

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