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Elephant Shell

Author: Frazia Lee
04/09/2008 | Augusta Metro Spirit | | Album Review
AUGUSTA, GA. - Maybe there's a reason that most of the songs on Tokyo Police Club's full-length effort, "Elephant Shell" are approximately three minutes or less. One wild guess would be the fact that maybe they want you to crave more of what they have to offer, and after one listen you'll find their little ploy works.

It is said on their band site that bassist and vocalist David Monks once described the band's sound as "wide-eyed post-punk with a tendency to get over excited—so much so that someone has to come and tell it to settle down," which is a good description as any. You could pinpoint influences until your head explodes, but it's safe to say that TPC possesses a uniqueness all their own.

"In A Cave" is a feel good, mid-tempo jam with handclaps and a bit of crowd participation. "Tessellate" welcomes back the handclaps again with accompanying tambourine, and alternate drum patterns, but with a sturdy, constant rhythm. It also gives you a chance to look up the word "tessellate." "Listen to the Math," summons almost a Jamaican/Bohemian/soul/rock fusion that attempts to challenge the standard alternative sound you've been used to.

"Elephant Shell" possesses an alternative rock feel, with a few effortless melodic elements in between chords. A few soulful moments peek through the rough edges of their sound, gently taming it, but not to the point of submission. However the music comes at you, it's sure to be an entertaining and interesting listen…especially while you're tessellating tiles on your floor.
Elephant Shell

Elephant Shell

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