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Author: Tom Kielty
08/12/2007 | Boston Herald | Feature
CHICAGO - Tokyo Police Club, which you can see at the Middle East in Cambridge tonight, is a high-energy rock band riding a tsunami of MySpace and blog support. In many ways, its members were just average high school kids when they first picked up instruments.

"It was just something to do on Friday nights," said keyboardist Graham Wright, recalling weekend nights in the Toronto suburb of Newmarket as he sat backstage with drummer Dave Alsop after a a performance at the Lollapalooza Festival.

"Some kids would go to parties and some kids would go out to clubs in the city. We would go to (guitarist Josh Hooks') basement, order pizza, and jam."
It seemed likely the group's members would go their own ways after graduating from high school, most likely on to college. Singer/bassist Dave Monks went to McGill University in Montreal, where the first piece of the Tokyo Police Club puzzle fell into place.

It was there the band played the 2005 Montreal Pop Festival, a show its members point to as instrumental in their career. The band's relentless guitar attack drew a sold-out house and ignited a buzz.

"It was kind of like our first real show where we didn't have to beg people to come, although we did," Alsop said with a laugh. "That was where we decided maybe we could be pursuing this as a career and not just a hobby."

A deal with Canadian indie label Paper Bag Records to release their brash 17-minute EP, "A Lesson in Crime," furthered the dream. This didn't make it any easier to tell their parents that college was no longer a priority.

"Our parents are teachers, both of us," Wright said. "The other two guys' parents were cool about it, but our parents were not thrilled."

Tours with the likes of Art Brut and Cold War Kids and an appearance on "The Late Show With David Letterman" cemented the idea that they might have a future in music.

"Things like 'Letterman,' that show was huge because it's familiar to them," Alsop said of winning parental approval. "From there they go and tell their friends who say, 'Oh, I get it. So they're doing OK.' "

With a deal with influential indie label Saddle Creek and plans to record its debut full-length CD in September, Tokyo Police Club is doing way better than OK.


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