Author: Chris Parker
8/17/11 | Cleveland Scene | | Live Show Preview
Tim Kasher and Conor Oberst grew up together in Omaha, helped launch Saddle Creek Records, and share a penchant for theatrical musical introspection that takes a microscope to their emotions. While Oberst took Bright Eyes to the outer shores of mainstream popularity, Kasher remains shipwrecked on the indie-rock fringe. It may be that Kasher's obsessive romantic indulgences are less easily digested, but that's hardly an indictment of his craft. Since reforming his post-punk band Cursive for their 2000 divorce album Domestica, Kasher has strip-mined his love life for lyrical grist. After another abortive relationship, Kasher decamped to Montana, where he recorded last year's solo debut The Game of Monogamy. Like other releases under his previous solo vehicle the Good Life, Monogamy offers an operatic song cycle on aging and collapsing romantic illusions couched in surprisingly supple acoustic arrangements.


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