Author: Ryan Little
8/24/11 | | | Live Show Preview
For more than 10 years now, Tim Kasher has consistently fronted and toured with two Nebraska bands: post-punkers Cursive and the more folk-inflected group the Good Life. With Cursive, Kasher's been on "The Late Show with David Letterman" and opened for the Cure, and he continues to release albums on Saddle Creek Records with both groups. So, why is Kasher touring solo? "It's been a breath of fresh air," says Kasher. "It just keeps me mentally interested in the whole thing." Playing a show without the weight of a decade-long back catalog allows him to perform entirely new material without worrying about disappointing longtime fans. "I wasn't feeling stagnant or cooped up musically," he insists. "It really is just the joy of starting over again." Last year, Kasher released his first full-length solo disc, "The Game of Monogamy," and he's selling a new EP of outtakes from those sessions exclusively on tour beginning this month. Fans of Kasher's other projects will recognize his sound ? somewhere between Cursive's more upbeat moments and the dark Americana of the Good Life ? as well as the familiar theme of betrayal that winds its way through the material. "[The projects] have a tendency to overlap," explains Kasher, "but there is some separation I do intentionally. I only wanted to [record "The Game of Monogamy"] if I had an album's worth of fresh viewpoints on the subjects." The record addresses broken relationships ? particularly the pain of infidelity, an issue prevalent in his previous work. "For a long time, I've just been really curious about that intense struggle that we all have to just get along," Kasher says. "More specifically when it comes to the sexes and our sexual partners. There's so much diplomacy in that kind of relationship." Putting out such weighty material under his own name hasn't been without anxiety. "With every album I put out, I get fairly nervous," he says. "[This one has been] received really warmly. I feel like I already have enough support to move forward with it without feeling too awful."


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