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The Game of Monogamy

Author: Andrew Duncan
11/22/2010 | | | Live Show Preview
I love a well-arranged album and appreciate anyone who can weave song into song into song and keep a strong foundation. Tim Kasher's debut is just that.

The Cursive and The Good Life frontman went out on his own to create an album in the purist definition of what an album was meant to serve a collective of songs that conjoin to create a work of art. If you grab single songs, you might miss something. Sure, "Cold Love" is a great stand-alone pop song filled with horns and the works. And even though the transitions are part of the songs and not something completely unique, you miss something when you do not complete the listening experience.

The Game Of Monogamy is an album that explores a twisted and turmoil inner spirit, bouncing around between what's right and an inherent moral philosophy through Kasher's lyrical poise. And not just what is conceived as right and wrong, but his battle between life and love in the realist sense versus the romanticist. "No Fireworks" proves just how numb real-life situations can make it all feel. He walks away looking like a survivor.

"Bad, Bad Dreams" spins a yarn between right and wrong and the moral fibers through guilt: "Gotta see a priest, gotta go to confession." With the cool horns and a song that sounds like it came out of The Long Winter's lost archive, his bad dreams don't seem so bad.

Kasher sings it like Mark Eitzel sings it, sometimes better. Kasher's stories are enriched with his surroundings, and after listening to a song like "Strays," you feel like you understand the meaning behind the Omaha backdrop.

Kasher remains to be at his best no matter what he does and who he is involved with. The Game Of Monogamy is smartly written and smoothly executed. You will be fascinated at just how easy it all comes together and keeps you in tune.
The Game of Monogamy

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