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The Game of Monogamy

Author: Ian Morales
11/19/2010 | | | Live Show Preview
On October 27, Seattle based indie rockers Minus The Bear headlined at Stubb's in Austin, Texas.Touring in support of their latest release, Omni, the indie heavyweights did not disappoint. With an ever evolving live sound that seems to have developed from their rigorous touring schedule, Minus The Bear certainly outperformed their last concert at La Zona Rosa back in May.

While most of their set, unlike their show here back in May, consisted mostly of songs from Omni. However, it was fan favorites "Pachuca Sunrise" from their Menos El Oso album and "Knights" from 2007's Planet of Ice that brought in the loudest screams and applause. It was a brief audio glimpse of Minus The Bear's earlier greatness that made them stand out in an overcrowded indie scene. Hearing those two songs alone was worth sitting through the more mainstream sounding songs from Omni.

The real surprise of the evening for many in attendance was seeing opener and Cursive frontman, Tim Kasher, performing without his Cursive bandmates. What also seemed surprising for many was his new his indie-pop sound. To hear and see a different side of Kasher after years of listening to various Cursive albums drew many looks of bewilderment. The looks went away after about three songs into the set, leading me to believe that if more people actually listened to Kasher's solo record, The Game of Monogamey, they would enjoy it as much as some of those Cursive records they hold so dear to their hearts. It was great to experience it all live.
The Game of Monogamy

The Game of Monogamy

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