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The Game of Monogamy

Author: Kyle Ryan
10/18/2010 | The Onion AV Club | | Album Review
Any fan of Cursive or The Good Life knows frontman Tim Kasher favors the darkest parts of his personality for inspiration. There's no emotionally gutting experience he won't mine for a new set of uncomfortable songs, particularly if it gives him an opportunity to espouse an especially brutal kind of frankness. And that discomfiting closeness is all over his solo debut, The Game Of Monogamy, which I recently reviewed. It's another semi-concept album with a plot arc, so it's hard to tell how much of it is Kasher himself and how much is a character he plays. But even if it isn't autobiographical ("The Prodigal Husband" seems a at least a little personal), The Game Of Monogamy is an overwhelmingly bleak album, even when tempered by cheery melodies and quick tempos. To read the lyric sheet is to feel utterly unnerved about the survival prospects of any romantic relationship. Here are a few highlights.

"Cold Love"

And there's no more charity—
yeah, we both stopped servicing—
but we're definitely missionary:
our official position ...

Cold love is all that we know.
Cold love, no warmth, no devotion.
Cold love—it only takes a few minutes.
Cold love; let me know when you're finished.

"There Must Be Something I've Lost"

I want to have sex with all my old girlfriends again.
I swear, it's just the familiarity I miss...
aw, fuck it—it's just typical male conquest.
You know, the world don't revolve around
your prick. Just ask your old girlfriends.

"Bad, Bad Dreams"

These dreams I have, no girl is left unturned.
Your best friend, your sister,
your 8th grade picture—
It's enough to want to lop the thing right off...

"No Fireworks"

We went back to the bar where we first met
and recreated the event from the booth to the bed.
And I couldn't feel anything at all.

Too bad Saddle Creek doesn't offer wedding registries.

The Game of Monogamy

The Game of Monogamy

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