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The Game of Monogamy

Author: JP
10/05/2010 | JP's Music Blog | | Album Review
Tim Kasher will release his solo debut album entitled "The Game of Monogamy" on October 5. Tim is known as the frontman for such indie rock bands as Cursive and The Good Life. His new album almost plays out like a musical rock opera with the use of every instrument available at his disposal.

The album's beginning orchestral overture gets pushed out by the alternative rock of "A Grown Man." The album's songs and story just flow together like one complete piece of music. The tempos change within songs to stress the lyrics. The acoustic "Strays" puts the focus on Tim' voice instead of all that's happening with the music. Tim's songwriting can be compared to that of Ray Davies of The Kinks during his 1970's rock opera days of "Preservation" and "Soap Opera." The use of horns and strings gives Tim's songs another dimension like in "Bad, Bad Dreams" and "The Prodigal Husband."

Tim Kasher's new album will be released on Saddle Creek Records. Visit to purchase the new album, find tour dates and more.
The Game of Monogamy

The Game of Monogamy

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