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The Game of Monogamy

Author: Matt
10/04/2010 | | | Feature
Whenever the frontman (or woman) from a successful rock band ventures off do do a solo album, the inevitable questions pop up. For Tim Kasher, who fronts the popular indie rock band Cursive, the experience of putting out his new solo record has been no different. Fans want to know two main things: (A) Will the music be different from what they're used to from Cursive? and (B) Does this mean he's breaking up the band? Luckily the answer is NO, Cursive is not breaking up. To get to the bottom of the first question, we asked Kasher himself to tell us a little bit about what to expect with his new record The Game Of Monogamy. Read on for our interview with Kasher and more on his new album.

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Here's how it went down when Street Date spoke with Tim Kasher about his new solo work The Game Of Monogamy.

SD: How long have you been working on The Game of Monogamy, and do you have any favorite tracks?

TK: I started writing it in the Fall of 2008, and began recording in the Winter of 2010. "Prodigal Husband" is one of my favorite tracks, also one of the last ones written, so I guess it's a little fresher for me.

SD: What is one key difference between Tim Kasher solo and your other bands (Cursive, The Good Life)?

TK: The main difference is I oversee all of the arranging, whereas the bands collaborate more with arrangements. Though, Patrick (Newbery), Erin (Tate) and Matt (Maginn) still wrote some pretty great stuff on their own for this album.

SD: You've said previously that Cursive is a hard band to classify into any one genre. Is the same true of your solo work?

TK: I think any band or songwriter can ultimately be placed into a genre; even a band as odd as, say, Mr. Bungle, can still be considered prog rock or something. Cursive has always made efforts to avoid genres, but they can't be avoided. So, yes: this album will surely be one genre or another. Pop music.

SD: You directed your own video for "Cold Love" – was that your first time directing? How would you describe the experience? How big a budget did you have to work with?

TK: It was my first time, and I truly loved the experience – although I would have enjoyed being more hands-on if I weren't acting in it as well. The budget was teensy!! Everyone involved truly pitched in their time and experience for little to no pay.

SD: This summer you performed with Cursive at the "Concert for Equality" in Omaha, alongside Bright Eyes, Gillian Welch and others. What can you tell us about the purpose of that concert and your reason for getting involved?

TK: There was a tremor in the news concerning Fremont, NE, a neighboring community to Omaha, of an anti-immigration bill that town had passed. It was essentially the same conservative force behind the Arizona anti-immigration movement; they were (in our opinion) using Fremont as a pawn to gain more exposure and backing for their cause. It was basically happening in our "backyard", so Conor Oberst quickly pulled the concert together in opposition, and to support the ACLU.

Here's the full track list for The Game Of Monogamy:

1. Monogamy Overture
2. A Grown Man
3. I'm Afraid I'm Gonna Die Here
4. Strays
5. Cold Love
6. Surprise, Surprise
7. There Must Be Something I've Lost
8. Bad, Bad Dreams
9. No Fireworks
10. The Prodigal Husband
11. Monogamy
The Game of Monogamy

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