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The Game of Monogamy

Author: Tom Haugen
09/29/2010 | | | Album Review
Better known as the frontman for the seminal indie rockers Cursive, Tim Kasher steps out on his own for his first solo effort 'The Game of Monogamy' slated for a street date of October 5th. Though some would argue Kasher's Cursive offshoot project The Good Life is essentially Kasher solo, this disc is certainly his first formal, official solo offering.

Forever known for brash songwriting and the ability to reveal very personal subject matter in a rowdy, sometimes emotionally jarring manner, Kasher reportedly locked himself up in the woods to write, record and produce these tracks. With orchestrated parts performed by the Glacier National Symphony and a heavy emphasis on horns, Kasher's songs here bare some resemblance to his former bands, though the a capella singing is a new occurrence. Lyrically, as the title suggests, Kasher takes on topics of middle aged life, i.e. marriage, kids, jobs, etc. This isn't the young 20's Kasher we all fell in love with- Kasher is in a new chapter of his life and these songs reflect that.

As per usual, Kasher is essentially a mad scientist of indie rock, combining unusual song arrangements with time signatures that hardly seem logical and warbly, bi-polar structures. His acutely confessional wordplay has always struck a chord with his listeners, sounding not unlike a therapy session at the circus that took a wrong turn, which is still present here. Par for the course, no two songs resemble each other, 'The Game of Monogamy more or less being a kaleidoscope of spazzy melodies, sparse, acoustic moments, lots of upbeat horns and plenty of surprises along the way. Like all things related to Kasher, you're only real option is to find this oddly brilliant.

For fans of: The Good Life, Kind Of Like Spitting, Cassino, Broken Social Scene
The Game of Monogamy

The Game of Monogamy

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