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The Game of Monogamy

Author: Anna Deem
07/28/2010 | | | Live Show Preview
Many band leaders release solo albums, but not many preview songs from their forthcoming solo albums at 99-person capacity venues. Fortunately, Cursive's Tim Kasher is not like other frontmen, and chose to perform selections from his debut solo album, 'The Game of Monogamy,' at Chicago's Tonic Room on Tuesday night.

As its title suggests, Kasher's solo album is heavily focused on the themes of marriage, growing up and sustaining relationships. Lucky fans packed the intimate Tonic Room from wall-to-wall, most hearing Kasher's new songs live for the very first time. From the opening trumpet blasts of 'Bad, Bad Dreams' to the tambourine and chiming piano chords of 'Strays,' the usually noisy bar crowd remained hushed, hanging on every note that came from the small, carpeted stage that barely stood a foot off the ground.

Utilizing only trumpet, keyboard, drums, bass and violin, Kasher's new songs were more reminiscent of his previous records with the Good Life rather than the more hard-hitting sound of Cursive. As always, his commanding howl was the real fixture of the hour-long performance, resounding throughout the entire bar with force.

"I was in town this weekend for my sister's wedding," Kasher said. "I tried to write a song for her wedding, but I couldn't do it. I even looked over every song I've written and, yeah, I was like, 'I can't do this.'" The crowd laughed and cheered when Kasher announced that he played a Tom Waits song instead and planned on covering it later in his set. After several more new songs, Kasher played an emotive version of Waits' 'I Want You,' sending a sense of calm through the excited crowd.

"I'm going to do another cover, but this one is just a cover of myself. It's a Good Life song from 'Album of the Year,'" Kasher announced before launching into a solo version of 'Night and Day' towards the end of his set. Closing out the show with 'Monogamy,' Kasher's self-proclaimed favorite, 'The Prodigal Husband,' and another song that touched on his time spent in Whitefish, Mont., Kasher shook his head furiously, stomped his feet and spit out his lyrics with such vigor that fans cheered and nodded their heads along enthusiastically. "You're a bunch of sweet ass motherf---ers," he yelled out

As far as his future plans go, Kasher informed the crowd that he would be touring later in the year in support of the new album. "I'm really excited to be sharing this with all of you," he announced before setting down his guitar and walking through the high-fiving crowd to the back of the bar.

'The Game of Monogamy' is due out Oct. 5 from Saddle Creek Records.
The Game of Monogamy

The Game of Monogamy

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