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The Game of Monogamy

Author: Staff
07/19/2010 | Filter | | Feature

Tim Kasher, of Cursive/The Good Life fame, is set to release his debut solo record, The Game Of Monogamy.

Saddle Creek Records are set to drop the first solo effort that was produced, written, and recorded by Kasher and promises to be his own blend of classic pop. Kasher also got Patrick Newbery (trumpet/keys for Cursive) on board to assist in arrangements, production, and to play on the record. Other guests on the record are Erin Tate (Minus The Bear) and Matt Maginn (Cursive).

Kasher will also be performing July 27th at the Tonic Room in Chicago where he will test out his solo material with a backing band for the first time.

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The Game Of Monogomy drops October 5 via Saddle Creek.

Track List:

Monogamy Overture
A Grown Man
I'm Afraid I'm Gonna Die Here
Cold Love
Surprise, Surprise
There Must Be Something I've Lost
Bad, Bad Dreams
No Fireworks
The Prodigal Husband
The Game of Monogamy

The Game of Monogamy

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